1000 Research Paper Topics

Your paper's focus and thesis should strike you and your reader as interesting.  

Exactly what is "interesting" depends on both topic and scholarly field, but it usually involves something the reader has some prior awareness about, but with some twist: a previously unexplored aspect or an unexpected finding.  Another way to put it is that  interesting is the middle ground between obvious ("duh") and meaningless ("huh??")

One way to think about an interesting approach to your topic is to think of your topic in terms of a contrast:

Something that  appears _____  is actually ______.

...universal ...true only within a culture (sociology, anthropology)
...healthy ...unhealthy (medicine, psychology)
...new ...similar to the past (history, politics)
...just . ..unjust (ethics)
...effective ...ineffective
...a causal relationship .. .just a correlation
...insignificant ...important
...simple ...complex
...unrelated ...related

Any of the above patterns can work in reverse as well.

< Ex. Something that appears to be important may turn out to be unimportant: " Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no significant relationship between stretching before exercise and reduction of injuries during exercise. "

Generate Research Paper Topics

When it comes to writing projects, a student may be asked to write any type of paper professors will ask. It may be a simple essay, a research paper or a coursework. All these types of papers differ from one another and a student must know the differences to know what to expect. Here we are going to compare and contract an essay and a research paper and find the differences that make the research paper to be more difficult in terms of a writing process.

To start with, both an essay and a research paper have an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. However, even though a research paper is somehow similar to an essay, there are several differences which make the paper more professional. One of the main differences is that in an essay one analyzes the topic and supports it with the research while research paper puts more emphasize on the research and what conclusions can be drawn from the findings. Therefore, the body paragraphs and a conclusion are the most important parts of the paper meanwhile an introduction only serves to introduce the main concern of the paper.

Going further, a research paper, as a rule, contains more information and, thus, is usually longer than an essay. A research paper, therefore, should be well-structured with chapters and subheadings making it neater.

A good research paper means a lot of research; thus, one needs to master their skills of finding the right sources that will fit the topic of the paper. It is good to read some manuals or guides that are offered by colleges. Do not think this is a waste of time. Those guides were written by your professors, people who know how to properly perform research.

While above we gave you some tips on the difference between two types of papers, this website Essaytopicgenerator.com can help you to generate a good topic for your research paper if you are lost and cannot think of a good one to write about. The website is easy to use and navigate. With the help of only one button you can get up to twenty good topics that can fit your subject are. Below see some of the good examples of topics on health and medicine subject area:

  1. Heart disease in women
  2. Demographic influence on Ishemic Heart Diseases
  3. Preventing heart failure readmissions: communication


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