Total English 2 Lesson 3 Homework

  • amiable

    diffusing warmth and friendliness

    Cummack narrowed his eyes, and his face, generally relaxed and amiable, grew stern and menacing.Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn

    synonyms: friendly; good-natured

  • bayou

    a swampy arm or slow-moving outlet of a lake

    Steamboats, with accommodations equal to the best regulated hotels, are plying through every river and bayou.Norman, B. M.

  • grimace

    contort the face to indicate a certain mental state

    England's Mike Brown grimaces in pain while being treated for a thumb injury during the first Test defeat to South Africa.

  • indomitable

    impossible to subdue

    Disease had crushed his body, but the indomitable spirit was unquenched.Roby, John

    unconquerable; unyielding; not easily overcome

  • malleable

    capable of being shaped or bent

    In the past 40 years, however, researchers discredited this theory, revealing instead how malleable, or “plastic,” the brain is throughout our lives.Scientific American (Jan 4, 2011)

  • melodramatic

    having excitement and emotional appeal

    During the attack on Mumbai by Pakistani terrorists in 2008, critics said she and other television reporters were excessively theatrical and melodramatic.New York Times (Dec 3, 2010)

    overly dramatic, emotional, or sentimental; sensational

  • succumb

    consent reluctantly

    The war poet Rupert Brooke had succumbed to an infection and was dying.

    to die; to yield or give in to an overpowering force or desire

  • vibrant

    vigorous and animated

    "He's alert, vibrant, no fever, sitting up, watching television, eating his meals and in good spirits," Ross said in a telephone interview.

  • visage

    the human face

    Some patients want surgeons to dig deeper, cutting away at bones underneath their faces to create a more perfect visage.

    facial expression; appearance

  • whimsical

    determined by chance or impulse rather than by necessity

    His fantastical, whimsical stories, blending horror, humour and sentiment – instantly recognisable in style – appealed to editors and readers across the board.

    full ourious ideas or notions; oddly out of the ordinary; unpredictable

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