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The Teaching Profession

Becoming an educator, especially in recent years has been considered one of the most demanding yet rewarding professions in the work force today. Teaching, with its benefits and intellectual motives has risen to become one of the most sought after jobs in society. But even after taking such rewards into consideration, one might want to analyze how time consuming and emotionally draining teaching young people may turn out to be. Along with its rewards and demands, teaching is not only a potentially prestigious profession but also a very unique and sometimes life long career opportunity. Exploring teaching has become a popular tactic in recent years for people to make a better decision on whether or not teaching…show more content…

For the most part, teachers enjoy being able to work with young people in areas they may need guidance in. For some however, helping people is not a top priority when it comes to the teaching profession. Many jobs in society today do not offer the same types of benefits as ones in this area of work. Teachers for example, enjoy holiday vacations, weather delays or postponements and long summers in which they are paid for. Because teaching can become very time consuming, teachers usually welcome these breaks to usually spend time with family, travel or enjoy hobbies that they may not have been able to do while working. Paid time off is enough in itself to attract people towards a teaching occupation and regular salaries have been increasing in recent years as well. Over the past thirty to thirty-five years teacher’s salaries have increased dramatically. It has been shown that the average school teacher, who works in the Northeast, will make anywhere between thirty-two and forty-five thousand dollars annually plus previously listed benefits. It is also probable that these average salaries are only going to increase with time, thus attracting many more to the field of teaching. With increased salaries, personal gratification, and enjoyable benefits being a teacher’s main attractant, job security should be at the top of this list as well. If a teacher has been granted tenure after his or her first few years in their profession, he or she may not be removed from their

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My Choice of Profession

Life without an aim is like a ship without a rudder. Those who aim at nothing achieve nothing. A profession depends upon the ability and nature of a person. So aim of life differs from man to man. Some people aim at wealth, some at power and some at fame. According to his wish. Man has to choose a profession or has to prepare for himself for that desired profession. We should choose the profession for which we are fit. If we do not do so, we are sure to fail or to find the aim with  great difficulty.

The question of choosing a profession is very difficult. It is a question of bread and butter. So we should not choose a profession in hurry. We should take the advice of others. We should see whether we can do it well. we should have a taste for it moreover, we should be physically fit for it. These are the tests of choosing a profession.

The members of my family are in different professions everybody wants me in his own line. But I do not want so. A lawyer is always a liar. He forces his clients to tell lies. He pleads what is wrong. I do not want to be an engineer because his life is dull. He is defamed for taking bribe. I also have no liking for a business man. He is always busy in money  matters. He believes in cheating his  customers. He has a great lust for money.

There are two profession which are liked by me. These are – a teacher or a doctor.  It is very difficult to decide which one is better. I have to think over to decide my aim- either a teacher or a doctor.

The doctor’s profession and the teacher’s profession are very noble professions in the world. As a matter of fact , no profession is good or bad in itself. It is the man who makes it bad or good. both the doctor and the teacher are useful to the society. We cannot say that one is more useful than the other. Bothe have their own works to do in the society. Both have their own importance in their own ways. One cannot do the work of the other., the country is indebted to both of them. So it is very difficult to say definitely as who is more useful to a country.

First of all we examine the  points which can be given in favour of the doctor. Those, who are on the side of the doctor, are of the opinion that he is most useful to society. He gives like to the dying man. He gives healthy to the sick and weak. He cures our diseases. He is just like a god on earth for a patient. A teacher cannot cure a disease in the absence of a doctor. A doctor is necessary when we fall ill. He is not required every time. But at the same time cannot say that he  is not a useful member of the society.  

A doctor cannot be compared with a teacher. He is the silent builder of the nation. He also builds a healthy society. It is the teacher who makes a doctor, never a doctor has made a teacher. Who makes a doctor, never a doctor has made a teacher. The students are the future hopes of a country. A teacher builds up their minds. He makes them able to shoulder their future hope of a nation. The importance of a teacher in the society cannot be minimized. He does much more an quite important things. All the great persons are indebted for their greatness to their teachers. Great poets like Kabir Das, Sur, Tulsi and Mira have approved of the greatness of the teacher. They became famous poets because they had faith and confidence in their teachers. It is  only a teacher who removes the darkness  and gives the light of knowledge. A teacher develops all the faculties of the student. It is impossible for a student to develop mentally,, physically and spiritually without the teacher. A doctor can only make you physically fit. He can never help you without fee. But a teacher will gladly help you without any selfish motive.

Thus there are many reasons for my choice. I am a very good student. I always stand first in my class. I am healthy and a good player. My body is strong for hard work. I can work like at teacher – a continuous labour for day and night . a teacher leads a noble life. he is the builder of the nation. A mother gives birth but a teacher gives worth. He plays an important role in shaping the habits , character and destiny of students.

He is not mad  after money. He leads a contented life. he believes in simple living and high thinking. The future of a country depends upon good education. Good education cannot be given if the teacher is not qualified in all sense – physically, mentally, spiritually and psychologically. I am trying my best to be a worthy teacher of my choice.        

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