Mgt510 Assignment 2 Solution 2016

Scenario: The proponents of Management and Human Resource Management echo their voice for the provision of a working environment to the employees in the organization that may help them utilize their potential in such a way that organization may not only prosper but become the market leader. They believe that the frugal utilization of both the human and inhuman resources is the best means for this purpose. Out of these two, the human resources need more attention as they are the key players. The organization should invest in these resources with the provision of the skills that may help them to explore and use their inert talent. They should also be provided with all the opportunities so that they may grow over the period of time with the growth of the organization. They should also be provided with the information necessary for the timely fulfillment of the responsibilities they are entrusted with. They also speak about the structure of organization in a way that may foster the vision and mission of the organization by developing a mechanism of authority and responsibilities around the individuals and teams.


Explain on logical grounds in a systematic manner how the above mentioned points of Management and Human Resources Management are endorsed by Quality Management Systems?

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The course is designed to help students by perfecting their skills in the key domains of quality management that are necessary to perform well in an organization. The participants of this course would be able to acquire skills that help them to lead their teams successfully and achieve how to implement and manage quality programs effectively and efficiently in their own environment of organization.

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