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  • Multiple Pathways in the Self-Assembly Process of a Pd4L8 Coordination Tetrahedron

    Tomoki TateishiTatsuo KojimaShuichi Hiraoka

    Inorganic Chemistry201857 (5), 2686-2694

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Efficient and Rapid Mechanochemical Assembly of Platinum(II) Squares for Guanine Quadruplex Targeting

    AmineGarciKatherine J.CastorJohansFakhouryJean-LouisDoJustinDi TraniPongphakChidchobRobin S.SteinAnthony K.MittermaierTomislavFriščićHanadiSleiman

    Journal of the American Chemical Society2017139 (46), 16913-16922

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Self-Assembly of Tetrameric and Hexameric Terpyridine-Based Macrocycles Using Cd(II), Zn(II), and Fe(II)

    LeiWangZheZhangXinJiangJennifer A.IrvinChanglinLiuMingWangXiaopengLi

    Inorganic Chemistry2017 Article ASAP

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • The Effect of Solvent and Coordination Environment of Metal Source on the Self-Assembly Pathway of a Pd(II)-Mediated Coordination Capsule


    Inorganic Chemistry201756 (20), 12652-12663

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Stereoselective Postassembly CH Oxidation of Self-Assembled Metal–Ligand Cage Complexes

    Lauren R.HollowayPaul M.BogieYanaLyonRyan R.JulianRichard J.Hooley

    Inorganic Chemistry201756 (18), 11435-11442

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Subcomponent Exchange Transforms an FeII4L4 Cage from High- to Low-Spin, Switching Guest Release in a Two-Cage System

    Anna J.McConnellCatherine M.AitchisonAngela B.GrommetJonathan R.Nitschke

    Journal of the American Chemical Society2017139 (18), 6294-6297

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Phosphorescent Decanuclear Bimetallic Pt6M4 (M = Zn, Fe) Tetrahedral Cages

    YuzhenZhangMatthew R.CrawleyCory E.HaukeAlan E.FriedmanTimothy R.Cook

    Inorganic Chemistry201756 (8), 4258-4262

    Abstract | Full Text HTML | PDF | PDF w/ Links

  • Separation and Selective Formation of Fullerene Adducts within an MII8L6 Cage

    WolfgangBrennerTanya K.RonsonJonathan R.Nitschke

    Journal of the American Chemical Society2017139 (1), 75-78

  • Exam Brief is a yearly educational supplement to the Irish Independent newspaper, consisting of several volumes. It is produced in cooperation with The Institute of Education and aimed at students preparing for their Irish Leaving or Junior Certificate examinations.


    6 February 2008 - "The Winning Numbers".[1] Contributing author: Aidan Roantree (Mathematics).

    13 February 2008 - "The Love of Languages".[2][3] Contributing authors: Jim Lusby (English), Diarmaid Ó Tuama (Irish Higher), MícheáL Ó Ruairc (Irish Ordinary), Corinne Gavenda (French).

    20 February 2008 - "Talking about money".[4] Contributing authors: Arthur Russell (Economics and Accounting), Keith Hannigan (Business).

    27 February 2008 - "Science Matter".[5] Contributing authors: Tara Lyons (Chemistry), Joe Reville (Biology).

    5 March 2008 - "Making History".[6] Contributing authors: Sean Delap (History), Michael Doran (Geography), Geraldine Phealan (Home Economics).

    April 2008 - Junior Certificate issue.


    4 March 2009 - "The Appliance of Science".[7] Contributing authors: Tara Lyons (Chemistry), Pat Doyle (Physics), David Bourke (Biology).

    11 March 2009 - "Mind your language".[8] Contributing authors: Corinne Gavenda (French).

    22 April 2009 - Junior Cert.[9] Contributing authors: Mark Lynch (Maths), Tom Brady (English), Arnaud Bongrand (French), Arthur Russell (Business), Ruth Hickey (Science), Mícheál Ó Ruairc (Irish), Seán Delap (History), Michael Doran (Georgraphy).


    24 February 2010 - Maths.
    Online video tutorials became available for the first time.

    3 March 2010 - History, Geography and Home Ec.

    10 March 2010 - "Making History".[10] Contributing authors: Sean Delap (History), Michael Doran (Geography), Sandra Cleary (Home Economics).

    18 March 2010 - "Minding Your Languages".

    24 March 2010 - Finance.

    21 April 2010 - Junior Cert.


    2 March 2011 - Maths issue. Contributing author: Aidan Roantree.[11] As in previous year, Irish Independent and The Institute of Education organized online mathematics video tutorials and solutions.

    9 March 2011 - Science issue.[12]



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