Jack Gantos Hole In My Life Thesis Statement

Recovering From Mistakes / Learning From Adversity

One of the primary themes in the novel is the ability for a person to recover from mistakes. Jack Gantos makes a series of mistakes throughout this autobiography, but instead of being beaten by them, he uses them to his advantage. In the beginning of the novel, Gantos finds himself unable to attend high school in San Juan, as he is unable to speak Spanish. He is also unable to hire a private tutor. Instead of simply giving up and not doing anything, Gantos takes the opportunity to go to work, learning a trade. Although this doesn't pan out as successfully as he would like, Gantos still uses his time to earn money, showing he is not the type to wallow in self pity.

One back in Florida, Gantos makes some very bad decisions that result in his loss of housing. Again, however...

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Section 3: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 Summary and Analysis

In Section 3, Chapter 3, Gantos attended his hearing, only to find himself in very deep trouble. Although his lawyer tried to help, the judge was read Gantos' own admission from his journal that he felt no guilt about his actions, but only feared punishment. The judge, therefore, handed down a sentence of 5010B, which even his lawyer had to look up. In the meantime, Gantos was taken by the bailiff, as his father looked on. Gantos realizes now the look on his father's face was one of anguish and suffering, but admits that at the time, he saw only his own pain. When his lawyer returned, he explained that the sentence was a youth sentence, meaning Gantos could do anywhere from sixty days to six years, depending on his behavior and the decisions of the parole...

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