Western Influence Is Destroying Indian Culture Essay

The decriminalising of homosexuality in India came under sharp criticism from Lalu Prasad, Rashtriya Janata Dal leader, who said such things “destroyed the culture and tradition” of the country.

“India is being disrobed by the western culture and the government is being a mute spectator to all this. It did not even challenge the Delhi High Court order that scrapped Article 377 of the IPC that criminalised gay sex by saying it was violative of individual rights. “Out of shame we are not even talking about it,” he said during a Zero Hour mention in the Lok Sabha on Thursday.

Though the Zero Hour mention was on the economic crisis in the United States and Europe, besides the unprecedented riots in Britain — a matter raised by Murli Manohar Joshi of the Bharatiya Janata Party — Mr. Prasad said it was not only the western economic policies, but also the culture that were adversely impacting the country.

Referring to the recent ‘Slut Walk' held in the Capital, Mr. Prasad said we had naked women walking down the streets with tattoos on their cheeks, whereas Indian women did not even look up while walking. “Women marrying women and men marrying men. Where is this country of saints and sages headed for,” he sought to know.

Strongly disapproving of Valentine's Day celebrations, chatting, facebook, and the use of Internet, Mr. Prasad said India was blindly adopting western culture. Trying to explain the sculptures of Khajuraho and other ancient Indian temples depicting sexuality, Mr. Prasad said those were meant to revive the interest of people in sex.

He said the riots in the U.K. were not about the rich and the poor but about cultural mismatch.

Several members, cutting across party lines, found logic in Mr. Prasad's observations.

Mr. Joshi said the developments in the U.S. economy as also the problems being faced by the European Union would have their impact all over the world.

He said this could culminate in problems for Indian IT companies there as also pose problems for the Indians there following demands that those who were not American or British should be sent back.

Mr. Joshi said a large stock of dollars was being kept by India in the U.S. treasury; the developments in that country also posed problems for China.

In view of the serious economic situation, Mr. Joshi said, the prices of gold and silver had shot up in an unprecedented manner. He said there should be a thorough discussion on the issue.

Mr. Joshi was supported by JD(U) leader Sharad Yadav, CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh, RJD president Lalu Prasad and the BSP's Vijay Bahadur Singh who warned against blindly aping the U.S. and West.

Mr. Sharad Yadav said the unrest in the U.K. was the outcome of declining moral values. “The British Parliament is now meeting to understand the reason behind the violence and we are adopting the same values in India.”

Mr. Mulayam Singh describing the situation in the U.S. as “serious,” said lakhs of Indians were fleeing that country and wanted to know what the government was doing or planning to do.

Mr. Dasgupta said all members were unanimous in emphasising that the country should not follow the U.S. model, else India might also face similar problems. He said the country was sitting on a volcano.

  “Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are”— Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A girl of 16 wearing saree, going to temple with her granny in the morning. It sounds really shocking for today's teenagers as they are highly influenced by the western culture. Our country India is like a tree whose roots are culture, tradition, harmony and brotherhood but today it’s replaced by the yellow ones of western culture. It’s good that we are adapting western culture by keeping our own culture on zenith. As the sole reason for which today Indians are venerated on world stage is just because of the vintage of this nation. But instead of this we are just forgetting our culture and are totally influenced by the western one as we feel it to be more attractive, trendy and modern which has given the top most priority in today's world. Led by wealthy Western countries, the mass media, the fashion industry and the education curriculum, the perception of beauty is increasingly being defined by Western parameters due to reasons such as globalization, free trade and high technology. The inundation of Western culture is undeniable as it has effects that are both unconsciously beneficial and detrimental in our daily lives.

In this age of modernization everything has become modern even the humans with stylish haircut, outlook, dresses and even our attitude. We like to talk in English and love to make fun of our very own mother tongue. Our mentality is totally changed which brings out the evil things out. This is because of our so called modernization that the crime rates are touching the sky, corruption has gone to another level and we just cannot imagine what will happen in the future if we continued to go on like this. Even the basic moral values seem to be vanished away with our so called swag. We feel ashamed touching the feet of our elders or going to the temple. Instead we will love to visit bars and late night parties. Earlier we wear clothes to cover our body but today we wear it for fashion so as to look more trendy and modern. According to today's concept the more you expose, the more modern you are which is followed by every teenager. We can just go on doing anything just to get power, name and fame without even giving it a thought of realization. Also there is no doubt in saying that by adapting the western culture our teenagers are becoming more independent, confident and self-dependent which is extremely good for our society. But I feel that there is no harm in adapting the western culture but as someone said “too much of anything is never good”, the enthusiasm to learn things of other nations is not wrong, but they should not be done at the expense of our traditions and culture. On one hand we call INDIA- 'Incredible India' and on the other side we are so influenced by the western culture that even are moral and ethical values are degrading . Secondly due to huge negative aspects western culture is treated worst by our elders, so to make it good in their eyes its negative as well as positive aspects must be balanced correctly so that teenagers will not suffer in future. As adaptation of anything and everything is good but when it’s in the limits and leads to the development of our society.

    ———————- Article contributed by Sonali Bindra our guest writer and intern. Sonali is pursuing Philosophy (hons.) from Miranda House (DU) . She loves Photography, writing and music. 

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