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Authoritative Parenting Essay

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Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to socialize their children to conform adequately to the expected standards of conduct to function successfully in their society is the option that is decided by each parent. Since there are different ways of parenting a child, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child’s behavior is sufficient to live in society let alone act compliant in it as well. It is interesting to observe the different methods that a variety of parents demonstrate in order to make sure that the children of that society will be considered ‘acceptable’ by the environment itself and of course by the parenting…show more content…

Literature Review
All parenting styles associate with the area of a child’s social skills, educational capability, psychosocial growth, and also the negative actions of a child. Parenting is extremely important in a child’s life in order to have a happy and successful life without dealing with unnecessary negative issues that can arise. This portion of the proposal describes literature relevant to the proposed study of this topic. It is organized into four sections: (1) the two aspects on how the parenting styles were based, (2) the four main types of parenting styles, (3) the effects that can result from the parenting styles, and (4) evaluation for results of previous research. The detail of effects on a child’s behavior will be further discussed in the methods section of the proposed study.
Two Aspects of Parenting Styles
The styles that Dr. Baumrind recognized were based on two aspects of parenting; parental responsiveness and parental expectation (demandingness). The aspects are determined by the parent’s characteristics on the actions towards the children. Too much or too little of either aspect of parenting can conflict with the child’s learning and behavior. A single selection of the four parenting styles is approached after determining the degree of each of the two aspects. Although there is not a perfect match for any parent, most will tend to push towards a

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Parenting is indeed one of the most impactful things that can influence a child and his behavior to a very large extent. Your parenting styles can impact on your child’s social, physical, psychological, mental and emotional growth and development, which stays with the child even when he turns into an adult. This largely happens because the children learn from what is around them and what they see in their surroundings. Since the parents are always around their children, hence their behavior and actions have a great impact on the child. The impacts can be either negative or positive.
As per the studies there are generally four styles of parenting. The parenting styles are

  • Authoritative parenting
  • Authoritarian parenting
  • Indulgent parenting
  • Neglectful parenting

We are going to discuss about the authoritative parenting style in this article. Authoritative parenting style as the name suggests that the parents have a strong hold on their child’s behavior to a very large extent. Parents with authoritative style want their children to be free and independent but simultaneously they would also want to have a control over their children believe in making their children mature and responsible from the early childhood. They want their children to take accountably of things which make them responsible in turn. This helps the children to respond to a multiple situations in the best way possible.

Authoritative parents keep very high demands and expectations from their kids but at the same time they provide their kids the resources that would be required to fulfill those expectations.  These parents provide continuous supports to their children that greatly help them in reaching and meeting their goals. They expect a fair amount of discipline from their children. The also believe in punishing their children, but the punishments are not very harsh or violent on the kid. They also provide unconditional love to their child.

Studies have proved that kids who are raised by authoritative parents tend to have high motivation levels, self-driven and confident. This kind of parenting style is usually seen in middle class where the parents want their children to be independent from the very beginning in their life and want them to contribute in the household affairs.

Authoritative parents display warmth, kindness and firmness as well. They know when to be strict with their kids and when to let go. They form a set of rules and principles for their kids that have to be followed by them. Deviation from these rules can result in some sort of punishment for the child. These kinds of parents are not extremists and believe in striking the right balance in their level of expectation with the kids. This makes the kids also clear of what their parents want out of them. As the children grow, they give them the power to take their own decisions in certain matters but also supervise their kids and provide them their helping hand as and when needed.

They might be comforting their child’s need but they will not fulfill all the desires and expectations. They do not over pamper their kids and know when they have to be firm with them. They let their child learn from his own mistakes and believe that their children should be self-made. A set of guidelines are given to these kids and they are expected to showcase their day to day behavior on the same. Kids raised by authoritarian parents tend to be more successful and prove to be more effective responsible and trustworthy.

So if you are a parent, authoritarian parenting is the one of the best and most effective form of parenting and would be highly beneficial for your kids.

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