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Price Formation and Agricultural Land Markets

Land is a crucial production factor in agriculture. In developed countries this input factor is usually in short supply and its overall availability shrinks permanently. On the contrary, the increasing demand of growing farms and more recently of non-agricultural investors causes price pressure on the land market. Thus, it is not surprising that land prices increased in recent years. Though the analysis of land markets is a core topic in agricultural economics, many questions are still unanswered. For example, do land prices reflect the price boom for agricultural commodities and bio-energy? Can land prices be fully explained by fundamental factors or are they also driven by speculative bubbles? What is the role of non-agricultural investors? Should land markets be regulated and if so, what are the most efficient instruments?

Against this background the project aims at understanding the recent developments on land markets, particularly in Germany and the EU. The focus will be on quantitative modelling and empirical (econometric) analyses.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Martin Odening, m.odening(at)

Cooperation: Prof. Dr. Silke Hüttel, silke.huettel(at), Universität Rostock

Market integration and border effects in agricultural land markets

The research objective is to empirically investigate the linkages of agricultural land prices across time and space and to infer conclusions on land market efficiency from these findings.

In commodity markets, efficiency is commonly explained using the concept of market integration, either vertically or horizontally. In land markets, however, the concept of market integration through space, so-called spatial market integration, has rarely been applied and thus the question arises as to whether the notion of the “law of one price” of commodity markets is applicable at all in this context. In the context of space, it is important to note that barriers exist in space, i.e. formal and informal borders, which might interfere with the speed and distance of land price diffusion. Consequently, one primary research task is to assess the impact of borders on land market efficiency. Apart from spatial barriers, the adoption of spatial market integration techniques is further hampered by special characteristics of the production factor “land”.

  • First and foremost, land is immobile and hence it is not obvious how trade and arbitrage processes can work.
  • Second, regional market power may exist that prevents land prices in different regions from convergence.
  • Finally, land is an extremely heterogeneous production factor, which complicates price comparisons. Despite these peculiarities, one can nevertheless expect that economic responses to spatial price differentials will take place, since, the mobility of capital and/or farm managers will induce arbitrage processes on land markets towards a spatial equilibrium.

Contact: Dr. Aaron Grau, aaron.grau(at)

Demand and Supply for Crop Insurance in Agriculture

Crop insurance plays an important role in hedging weather risk in agriculture because agricultural production is severely affected by weather conditions. However, worldwide experience shows that it is rather difficult to establish a market for private (non-subsidized) crop insurance. In recent years, numerous studies have examined the causes of market failures and have conjectured that these failures mainly result from the existence of systemic weather risk. Nevertheless, it is still unclear how to model the impact of systemic weather risk on the viability of crop insurance markets.

Against this background, the objective of the research project is to analyze the demand and supply for weather insurance. For that purpose we develop an equilibrium pricing model based on the expected utility maximization of market participants that takes into account the effect of systemic weather risk. Moreover, this study analyzes the necessity and the efficiency of government subsidies in the crop insurance market.

Contact: Dr. Zhiwei Shen, shenzhiw(at)

Liquidity and the Role of Information in Agricultural Commodity Markets

In general, liquidity in agricultural commodity markets is comparatively low. Amongst other factors, it is the asymmetric distribution of information between market participants which is considered to influence the liquidity in a marketplace. The asymmetry of information ultimately becomes apparent through the order arrival process in the order book, which is also providing further insights into the price formation process. Thus, we place the order book and the order arrival process in the focus of these investigations, to understand liquidity and effects of policy measures such as the European Commission’s Directive on markets in financial instruments (MiFID 2) on liquidity in agricultural commodity markets.

Contact: Steffen Volkenand, steffen.volkenand(at)

Testing for Regional Convergence of Agricultural Land Prices

Recent spikes in food prices and the high liquidity on international financial markets have boosted the demand for land. As a result, agricultural land prices have steadily increased over the past decade in many parts of the world. These developments have triggered a debate on whether current legislation is still appropriate or whether there is a need for revision and tightening.

The general objective of this project is to investigate the efficiency of agricultural land markets via spatial market integration. We scrutinize the applicability of the law of one price to land markets while distinguishing between absolute and relative versions of this “law”. Panel data unit root and stationarity tests are applied to land sale prices in the German state Lower Saxony where we detect three main clusters with different price developments. Our results indicate that the law of one price holds only locally due to structural differences among regions.

Contact: Xinyue Yang, yangxiny(at)


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2016, Volume 29, Issue 1

  • 241243 Patterns and Drivers of Dairy Development in India: Insights from Analysis of Household and District-level Data
    by Kishore, A. & Birthal, P.S. & Joshi, P.K. & Shah, T. & Saini, A.
  • 241244 Adoption Status and Influencing Factors of Mobile Telephony in Dairy Sector: A Study in Four States of India
    by Rathod, P. & Chander, M. & Bardhan, D.
  • 241245 Total Factor Productivity Growth and Returns from Research Investment on Soybean in India
    by Sharma, P. & Dupare, B.U.
  • 241246 TFP Growth of Wheat and Paddy in Post-Green Revolution Era in India: Parametric and Non-Parametric Analysis
    by Bhushan, S.
  • 241247 Farm Business Income across Land-size Classes and Land Tenure Status: A Field Study in Assam Plains
    by Goswami, B.
  • 241248 Issues Limiting the Progress in Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (NWR) Financing in India
    by Shalendra & Jairath, M.S. & Haque, E. & Anu, Peter V.
  • 241249 Institutional Synergies in Processing and Value Addition: Role of a Producers’ Organisation in Transforming Farm Economy in Rural Punjab
    by Talukdar, U. & Vatta, K.
  • 241250 Export of Rice from India: Performance and Determinants
    by Adhikari, A. & Sekhon, M.K. & Kaur, M.
  • 241251 Crop Diversification in Gadag District of Karnataka
    by Basavaraj, N.D. & Gajanana, T.M. & Satishkumar, M.
  • 241252 Impact of Integrated Farming of Water Chestnut and Cat Fish on Livelihood of Farmers in Seasonal Waterlogged Areas of Odisha
    by Ghosh, S. & Chowdhury, S.R. & Mohanty, R.K. & Brahmanand, P.S.
  • 241253 Effect of Change in Indian Rice Price on Nepalese Rice Market: A Partial Equilibrium Model
    by Mishra, B. & Poudel, K.L. & Mishra, D.R.
  • 241254 Is Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) Technology More Profitable than Conventional Method for Sugarcane Production? — An Economic Analysis
    by Arthi, K. & Saravanakumar, V. & Balasubramanian, R.
  • 241255 Crisis of Sustainability or Perils of Ill-managed Open Access Fisheries? Analysis of Long-term Catch Trends in Marine Fisheries of Maharashtra and India
    by Adiga, M.S. & Ananthan, P.S. & Kumari, H.V.D. & Ramasubramanian, V.
  • 241256 Changing Cropping Pattern, Agricultural Diversification and Productivity in Odisha –A District-wise Study
    by Nayak, D.K.
  • 241264 Impact of Nonfarm Activity on Rural Income Inequality in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal
    by Rahamana, S.M. & Haldarb, S. & Sowmyashree, B.V. & Nandid, S. & Malangmeih, L. & Bera, B.K.

2015, Volume 28, Issue 2

  • 229740 Performance of Crop Yield and Rainfall Insurance Schemes in Odisha: Some Empirical Findings
    by Swain, M.
  • 229741 Willingness to Buy Organically Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs: A Consumers Survey in the East-Coast Region of United States
    by Govindasamy, R. & Arumugam, S. & You, Xinling & Vellangany, I.
  • 229742 Livestock, Women, and Child Nutrition in Rural India
    by Jumrani, J. & Birthal, P.S.
  • 229743 Determinants of Small Milk Producers’ Participation in Organized Dairy Value Chains: Evidence from India
    by Sharma, V.P.
  • 229744 Impact of Government Intervention in Procurement of Rice on Smallholder Farmers in Subtropics of Jammu
    by Peshin, R. & Sharma, R. & Gupta, V. & Ajrawat, B. & Risam, K.S.
  • 229745 Macro Level Priorities for Livestock Research and Development for Bihar
    by Jha, A.K. & Singh, R.K.P.
  • 229747 Economic Gains from Technological and Marketing Interventions in Goat Production in India: An Ex-ante Assessment
    by Dixit, A.K. & Singh, S.K. & Tripathi, M.K. & Singh, M.K. & Kumar, V.
  • 229748 Total Factor Productivity Growth of Jowar and Bajra in India: A Comparative Analysis Using Different Methods of TFP Computation
    by Das, V.K.
  • 229749 Trade Competitiveness and Impact of Food Safety Regulations on Market Access of India’s Horticultural Trade
    by Idris, S. & Singh, A. & Praveen, K.V.
  • 229750 Agricultural Trade Structure and Linkages in SAARC: An Empirical Investigation
    by Saxena, R. & Paul, R.K. & Rana, S. & Chaurasia, S. & Pal, K. & Zeeshan & Joshi, D.
  • 229751 Determination of Efficiency of Fish Farms in North-East India Using Data Envelopment Approach
    by Singh, N.D. & Krishnan, M. & Sivaramane, N. & Ananthan, P.S. & Satyasai, K.J.S.
  • 229752 Crop Diversification towards High-value Crops in India: A State Level Empirical Analysis
    by Kumar, S. & Gupta, S.
  • 229753 Efficiency of Kisan Credit Card (KCC) Scheme in Karnataka: A Comparative Study of Commercial and Co-operative Banks
    by Jainuddin, S.M. & Hiremath, G.M. & Patil, S.S.

2015, Volume 28, Issue 1

  • 206574 Recent Trend in Patenting Activity in India and its Implications for Agriculture
    by Kandpal, Ankita & Bhooshan, Neeru & Pal, Suresh
  • 206575 Whither Food Policy and Institutions in India?
    by Sekhar, C.S.C.
  • 206576 Nutrient Intake Optimization in Karnataka: A Linear Programming Approach
    by Kiresur, V.R. & Chourad, R.
  • 206577 Group Dynamics and Collective Performance of Self-help Groups under Different Microcredit Delivery Models in Karnataka
    by Bharamappanavara, S.C. & Jose, M.
  • 206578 Gender Perspectives in Adoption of Technological Practices by Fishers and Fish Farmers in Tripura
    by Debnath, B. & Krishnan, M. & Debnatha, B. & Ananthan, P.S. & Sharma, A. & Sharma, R.
  • 206579 Climate Adaptation in Agriculture through Technological Option: Determinants and Impact on Efficiency of Production
    by Vijayasarathy, K. & Ashok, K.R.
  • 206580 Sources of Growth in Pulses Production in India
    by Rimal, N.S. & Kumar, S. & Singh, D.R. & Chahal, V.P. & Shaloo
  • 206581 Supply Response of Horticultural Crops: The Case of Apple and Pear in Jammu & Kashmir
    by Wani, M.H. & Sehar, H. & Paul, R.K. & Kuruvila, A. & Hussain, I.
  • 206582 Modelling and Forecasting of Price Volatility: An Application of GARCH and EGARCH Models
    by Lama, A. & Jha, G.K. & Paul, R.K. & Gurung, B.
  • 206583 Structural Change and Agricultural Performance at the State Level in India: 1980-2010
    by Binswanger-Mkhize, Hans P. & D'Souza, Alwin
  • 206584 India’s National Food Security Act 2013: Food Distribution through Revamped Public Distribution System or Food Stamps and Cash Transfers?
    by Bathla, S. & Bhattacharya, P. & D'Souza, Anna
  • 206585 Investigating Agricultural Production Relations across Bangladesh, India and Pakistan Using Vector Error Correction and Markov-Switching Models
    by Rezitis, A.N. & Ahammad, S.M.
  • 206586 Status and Strategies for Strengthening of Agricultural Economics Research and Education in National Agricultural Research System of India
    by Mruthyunjaya
  • 206587 Integration of Wheat Markets in Maharashtra
    by Mahalle, S.L. & Shastri, S. & Kumar, S.
  • 206588 Economic Efficiency of Ring Seiners Operated off Munambam Coast of Kerala Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    by Chandrasekar, V. & Gopal, N.
  • 206589 Development of a Novel Web-based WebECGR Package for Estimation of Compound Growth Rates for Monotonically Non-decreasing Situations
    by Pal, S. & Prajneshu & Ghosh, H.

2014, Volume 27, Issue 2014

  • 190608 Capitalizing the Potential of Private Sector in Strengthening Agri-Biotech R&D and Commercialization in India
    by Singh, Alka & Jha, Girish K. & Kumar, Sandeep
  • 190609 Institutional Interventions in Addressing Labour Scarcity – A Study on Labour Bank Initiatives in Thrissur District of Kerala
    by Anoop, M. & Ajjan, N. & Ashok, K.R.
  • 190610 Natural Rubber Sector in Tripura: Role of Institutional Innovations
    by Sharma, G. & Tharian, George K. & Dey, S.K.
  • 190611 Whether an Effective Innovation System is Inevitable for Sectoral Value Chain Development? Evidence from Coconut Sector in Kerala
    by Somasekharan, J. & Chandran, K.P. & Harilal, K.N.
  • 190612 Farmers’ Participation in Informal Groundwater Market in Hard Rock Areas of Peninsular India
    by Manjunatha, A.V. & Anik, Asif Reza & Speelman, S. & Nuppenau, E.A.
  • 190613 Leveraging Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure of Dairy Cooperative Network: An ex-ante Analysis of Potential Institutional Innovation
    by Bardhan, D. & Singh, P. & Tripathi, S.C.
  • 190614 Space Technology Institution for Technology Diffusion and Development in Agriculture: A Case Study
    by Shaijumon, C.S.
  • 190615 Agricultural Credit in India – Innovations in Design and Delivery of Products and Services
    by Thejeswini, R. & Kiresur, V.R. & Preeti, N.S. & Teggi, M.Y. & Trilokanatha, G.A.
  • 190616 Institutional Changes in Delivery of Agricultural Inputs and Services to Farm Households in India
    by Venkatesh, P. & Nithyashree, M.L.
  • 190617 Leapfrogging the Interventions of ICT Tools in Vegetable Intensification Pathways of Tamil Nadu: Farm Level Perceptions
    by Swaminathan, B. & Anandaraja, N. & Boopathi, Manikanda N. & Balan, Siva K.C. & Rajesh, N.
  • 190618 Role of Cooperatives in Institutionalization of Custom Hiring Services in Punjab
    by Chahal, S.S. & Kataria, P. & Abbott, S. & Gill, B.S.
  • 190619 Institutional Credit to Mountain Agriculture: Issues of Structural Changes and Impact in Jammu & Kashmir
    by Baba, S.H. & Wani, M.H. & Wani, S.A. & Zargar, B.A. & Qammer, N.A.
  • 190620 Self-help Groups as Drivers of Entrepreneurship: Evidence from Karnataka and Odisha States
    by Satyasai, K.J.S. & Sahoo, B.B. & Badajena, Smita N.
  • 190621 Impact of a Cooperative Society on the Arecanut Marketing in Kerala — A Case Study of Central Arecanut Marketing and Processing Cooperative Ltd
    by Karunakaran, N.
  • 190622 Economic Sustainability through Farmers Interest Groups and their Linkage with Institutional Agencies — An Evidence from Karnataka
    by Patil, Suresh S. & Hiremath, G.M & Lokesh, G.B.
  • 190623 PPP and Gender Mainstreaming in Agriculture: Lessons from Field Studies
    by Ponnusamy, K. & Das, Dutta M. & Bonny, Binoo P. & Mishra, S.
  • 190624 Development and Diffusion of Dryland Cereals in Semi-Arid Tropics of India — Role of Partnerships
    by Charyulu, Kumara D. & Singh, N.P. & Shyam, Moses D. & Bantilan, C.

2014, Volume 27, Issue 2

  • 196659 Impact of Climate Change on Yields of Major Food Crops in India: Implications for Food Security
    by Birthal, P.S. & Khan, T.M. & Negi, D.S. & Agarwal, S.
  • 196660 Emission Taxes as a GHG Mitigation Mechanism in Agriculture: Effects on Rice Production of India
    by Gayatri, Y.P. & Jose, M.
  • 196661 Forecasting Wholesale Price of Pigeon Pea Using Long Memory Time-Series Models
    by Paul, R.K.
  • 196662 Price Transmission along the Cotton Value Chain
    by Sundaramoorthy, C. & Mathur, V.C. & Jha, G.K.
  • 196954 Role of Technology and Credit in Improving Farm Incomes in Rainfed Regions in Andhra Pradesh
    by Rao, C.A.R. & Samuel, J. & Kumar, S. & Raju, B.M.K. & Dupdal, R. & Venkateswarlu, B.
  • 196955 ICTs Adoption for Accessing Agricultural Information: Evidence from Indian Agriculture
    by Das, B.
  • 196956 Counter-Cyclical Payments under Doha Negotiations: An Analysis of Agricultural Subsidy Programme of the US
    by Sharma, S.K.
  • 196957 Technical Efficiency of Fish Farms in West Bengal: Nature, Extent and Implications
    by Misra, J. & Misra, S.R.
  • 196959 How Profitable is Cultivation of Rainfed Crops? Some Insights from Cost of Cultivation Studies
    by Narayanamoorthy, A. & Alli, P. & Suresh, R.
  • 196961 Imperatives for Sustenance of Agricultural Economy in the Mountains: A Prototype from Jammu & Kashmir
    by Baba, S.H. & Wani, M.H. & Zargar, B.A. & Malik, H.A.
  • 196983 Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Structures and Economics of Crops in Parasai-Chhatpur Watershed in Bundelkhand Region of Central India
    by Kumari, R. & Sharma, B. & Kushwah, A. & Singh, R. & Singh, R.M. & Tewari, R.K. & Dhyani, S.K.
  • 196984 Structural Growth and Development of Livestock Sector in North-Eastern Karnataka – An Economic Analysis
    by Sserunjogi, B. & Lokesha, H.
  • 196985 Factors Determining Flock Size of Goats in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh
    by Dixit, A.K. & Singh, M.K.
  • 196986 Economics of Electricity Generation Using Cattle Dung — A Case Study on Bio-methanation Power Plant in Ludhiana
    by Chaudhary, A. & Goyal, M.
  • 196987 Crop Diversification and Environmental Conflicts in Kasaragod District of Kerala
    by Karunakaran, N.
  • 196988 Cointegration, Causality and Impulse Response Analysis in Major Apple Markets of India
    by Beag, F.A. & Singla, N.
  • 196989 Estimation of Milk Losses due to Fasciolosis in Uttarakhand
    by Bardhan, D. & Kumar, R.R. & Nigam, S. & Mishra, H. & Bhoj, S.
  • 196990 Accelerating Groundwater and Energy Use for Agricultural Growth in Odisha: Technological and Policy Issues
    by Srivastava, S.K. & Srivastava, R.C. & Sethi, R.R. & Kumar, A. & Nayak, A.K.
  • 196991 Estimation of Economic Losses due to Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in Cattle and Buffaloes in India
    by Singh, B. & Prasad, S. & Verma, M.R. & Sinha, D.K.

2014, Volume 27, Issue 1

  • 170245 Input Subsidy vs Farm Technology — Which is More Important for Agricultural Development?
    by Kumar, Praduman & Joshi, P.K.
  • 170247 Public and Private Capital Formation and Agricultural Growth in India: State Level Analysis of Inter-linkages during Pre- and Post-reform Periods
    by Bathla, Seema
  • 170248 Do Different Approaches to Measurement of Risk Behaviour Yield Different Results?
    by Choudhury, Hari K. & Goswami, Kishor
  • 170249 Welfare Gains from Application of First Generation Biotechnology in Indian Agriculture: The Case of Bt Cotton
    by Ramasundaram, P. & Suresh, A. & Samuel, Josily & Wankhade, Shwetal
  • 170250 An Economic Assessment of Fish and Prawn Health Management in Andhra Pradesh
    by Viswanatha, B.S. & Bhatta, Ramachandra & Shankar, K.M.
  • 170251 Impact of Plant Variety Protection on Indian Seed Industry
    by Venkatesh, P. & Pal, Suresh
  • 170252 Economic Evaluation of Drip-fertigation System in Banana cv. Martaman (AAB, Silk) Cultivation in New Alluvium Zone of West Bengal
    by Pramanik, Sanjit & Tripathi, S.K. & Ray, R. & Banerjee, Hirak
  • 170255 Income Sources of Farm Households in India: Determinants, Distributional Consequences and Policy Implications
    by Birthal, Pratap Singh & Negi, Digvijay S. & Jha, Awadesh K. & Singh, Dhiraj
  • 202266 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2013, Volume 26, Issue 2013

  • 158487 Income and Livelihood Issues of Farmers: A Field Study in Uttar Pradesh
    by Singh, Ajit Kumar
  • 158488 Engendering Rural Livelihoods in Karnataka – A Socio-economic Assessment
    by Nandini, S. & Kiresur, V.R.
  • 158489 An Investigation into Growth, Instability and Role of Weather in Gujarat Agriculture: 1981-2011
    by Mehta, Niti
  • 158490 Growth and Instability in Agricultural Productivity: A District Level Analysis
    by Kumar, Anjani & Jain, Rajni
  • 158491 Goat Rearing: A Pathway for Sustainable Livelihood Security in Bundelkhand Region
    by Singh, M.K. & Dixit, A.K. & Roy, A.K. & Singh, S.K.
  • 158492 Analyzing Growth and Instability in Subsistence Agriculture of Odisha: Evidence from Major Crops
    by Paltasingh, Kirtti Ranjan & Goyari, Phanindra
  • 158493 Recent Trends in Rural Employment and Wages in India: Has the Growth Benefitted the Agricultural Labours?
    by Venkatesh, P.
  • 158494 Energy Growth Linkage and Strategy for Meeting the Energy Demand in Indian Agriculture
    by Jha, Girish Kumar
  • 158495 Technical Change and Efficiency of Rice Production in India: A Malmquist Total Factor Productivity Approach
    by Suresh, A.
  • 158496 Regional Pattern of Agricultural Growth and Rural Employment in India: Have Small Farmers Benefitted?
    by Nithyashree, M.L. & Pal, Suresh
  • 158497 Rural Employment Scheme and Agricultural Wage Rate Nexus: An Analysis across States
    by Narayanamoorthy, A. & Bhattarai, Madhusudan
  • 158502 Integrated Poultry-Fish Farming Systems for Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security in Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand
    by Gangwar, L.S. & Saran, Sandeep & Kumar, Sarvesh
  • 158503 Agricultural Transformation in Trans Himalayan Region of Himachal Pradesh: Cropping Pattern, Technology Adoption and Emerging Challenges
    by Sharma, H.R. & Chauhan, S.K.
  • 158504 Livelihood Security of Resource Poor Farmers through Alkali Land Reclamation: An Impact Analysis
    by Thimmappa, K. & Tripathi, R.S. & Raju, R. & Singh, Y.P.
  • 158506 Impact of Improved Agro-techniques on Sustainable Livelihood Empowerment: An Economic Study from West Bengal
    by Mula, G. & Sarker, S.C.
  • 158507 Has Adoption of Improved Rice Technology Enhanced Economic and Livelihood Security in Kashmir Valley?
    by Wani, M.H. & Baba, S.H. & Sundaram, P. Rama & Yousuf, Shoaib & Yousuf, Shahid
  • 158508 Truncated Growth and Compromised Sustainability: The Case of Lake Fisheries in Kashmir
    by Qureshi, Neha W. & Krishnan, M. & Sundaramoorthy, C. & Vasisht, A. K. & Baba, S.H. & Kumar, Nalini Ranjan & Sharma, Rama
  • 158509 Rural Livelihood Security: Assessment of Fishers’ Social Status in India
    by Salim, Shyam S. & Sathiadhas, R. & Narayanakumar, R. & Katiha, P.K. & Krishnan, M. & Biradar, R.S. & Gopal, R.S. & Barik, Nagesh K. & Kumar, B. Ganesh
  • 202264 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2013, Volume 26, Issue 2

  • 162144 Agricultural Policies in India: Retrospect and Prospect
    by Arora, V.P.S.
  • 162145 Farmers’ Willingness to Pay for Index Based Crop Insurance in Pakistan: A Case Study on Food and Cash Crops of Rain-fed Areas
    by Ali, Akhter
  • 162146 Role of Non-Farm Sector in Sustaining Rural Livelihoods in Punjab
    by Pavithra, S. & Vatta, Kamal
  • 162147 Does Decentralization Improve Agricultural Services Delivery? — Evidence from Karnataka
    by Kannan, Elumalai
  • 162148 Dynamics of Labour Demand and its Determinants in Punjab Agriculture
    by Devi, Y. Latika & Singh, Jasdev & Vatta, Kamal & Kumar, Sanjay
  • 162149 Modelling and Forecasting of Meat Exports from India
    by Paul, Ranjit Kumar & Panwar, Sanjeev & Sarkar, Susheel Kumar & Kumar, Anil & Singh, K.N. & Farooqi, Samir & Choudhary, Vipin Kumar
  • 162150 Agricultural Price Forecasting Using Neural Network Model: An Innovative Information Delivery System
    by Jha, Girish K. & Sinha, Kanchan
  • 162151 Investment in Wheat Research in Nepal – An Empirical Analysis
    by Shrestha, Hari Krishna & Manandhar, Hira Kaji & Regmi, Punya Prasad
  • 162152 Structural Transformation in Dairy Sector of India
    by Kumar, Anjani & Parappurathu, Shinoj & Joshi, P.K.
  • 162153 Integrated Approach to Human Resource Forecasting: An Exercise in Agricultural Sector
    by Agrawal, Rashmi & Nanda, S.K. & Rao, D. Rama & Rao, B.V.L.N.
  • 162154 External Market Linkages and Instability in Indian Edible Oil Economy: Implications for Self-sufficiency Policy in Edible Oils
    by Thomas, Lijo & Jha, Girish Kumar & Pal, Suresh
  • 162155 The State of Agricultural Extension Reforms in India: Strategic Priorities and Policy Options
    by Babu, Suresh Chandra & Joshi, P.K. & Glendenning, Claire J. & Kwadwo, Asenso-Okyere & Rasheed, Sulaiman V.
  • 202265 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2013, Volume 26, Issue 1

  • 152069 Positive Environmental Externalities of Livestock in Mixed Farming Systems of India
    by Dikshit, A.K. & Birthal, Pratap Singh
  • 152070 Sorghum (Fodder) Cultivation in Punjab — An Economic Analysis
    by Grover, D.K. & Kumar, Sanjay
  • 152071 User Centric ICT Model for Supply Chain of Horticultural Crops in India
    by Shalendra & Gummagolmath, K.C. & Sharma, Purushottam
  • 152072 Impact of Zero Tillage on Economics of Wheat Production in Haryana
    by Tripathi, R.S. & Raju, R. & Thimmappa, K.
  • 152073 Price Discovery, Transmission and Volatility: Evidence from Agricultural Commodity Futures
    by Sendhil, R. & Kar, Amit & Mathur, V.C. & Jha, Girish K.
  • 152074 Assessing Competitiveness of Sweet Sorghum for Ethanol Production: A Policy Analysis Matrix Approach
    by Basavaraj, G. & Rao, Parthasarathy P. & Achoth, Lalith & Reddy, Ravinder Ch.
  • 152075 Household Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Security among Poor Rural Households: Impact of MGNREGA
    by Kumar, Praduman & Joshi, P.K.
  • 152076 Artificial Neural Network Model for Synergy Analysis of Input Markets in Ornamental Fish Trade in Mumbai
    by Devi, B. Nightingale & Krishnan, M. & Venugopalan, R. & Mahapatra, B.K.
  • 152077 Economic Assessment of Soil Erosion Damage on Smallholder Farms in Marginal Lands of Mahi Ravines in Gujarat
    by Pande, V.C. & Kurothe, R.S. & Singh, H.B. & Tiwari, S.P. & Kumar, Gopal & Rao, B.K. & Vishwakarma, A.K. & Bagdi, G.L.
  • 152078 Indian Agricultural R&D: An Introspection and Way Forward
    by Ramasamy, C.
  • 152079 Resource–use Efficiency and Technical Efficiency of Turmeric Production in Tamil Nadu —A Stochastic Frontier Approach
    by Karthick, V. & Alagumani, T. & Amarnath, J.S.
  • 152080 Marketing Profile of Selected Fish Markets of Tripura
    by Das, Apu & Upadhyay, A.D. & Kumar, Nalini Ranjan & Prakash, S. & Debnath, B. & Datta, M.
  • 202263 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2012, Volume 25, Issue 2012

  • 136263 Influence of Sources of Seed on Varietal Adoption Behavior of Wheat Farmers in Indo-Gangetic Plains of India
    by Ghimire, Subash & Mehar, Mamta & Mittal, Surabhi
  • 136383 Inputs and Services Delivery System under Contract Farming: A Case of Broiler Farming
    by Kalamkar, Shrikant S.
  • 136387 Access to Rural Credit and Input Use: An Empirical Study
    by Satyasai, K.J.S.
  • 136388 Deficiencies in Agricultural Marketing and Input Delivery System: A View from the Field
    by Singh, Ajit Kumar
  • 136389 Improving Economic Viability of Farming: A Study of Cooperative Agro Machinery Service Centres in Punjab
    by Sidhu, R.S. & Vatta, Kamal
  • 136390 Outreach and Inclusiveness of Formal Agricultural Credit System: Some Reflections
    by Jumrani, Jaya & Agarwal, Shaily
  • 136391 Pesticide Delivery System in Apple Growing Belt of Kashmir Valley
    by Baba, S.H. & Wani, M.H. & Zargar, Bilal A. & Wani, S.A. & Kubrevi, S.S.
  • 136392 Value Chain Analysis of Maize Seed Delivery System in Public and Private Sectors in Bihar
    by Kumar, Ranjit & Alam, Khurshid & Krishna, Vijesh V. & Srinivas, K.
  • 136394 IT Application in Agricultural Marketing Service Delivery — Electronic Tender System in Regulated Markets
    by Chengappa, P.G. & Arun, M. & Yadava, C.G. & Prasanna Kumar, H.M.
  • 136395 Structure of Indebtedness of Households in Semi-Arid Tropics of India
    by Reddy, A. Amarender
  • 136396 Motorization Technology Delivery in Small Scale Fisheries – Its Impact and Impediments in Adoption
    by Prabakar, C. & Sundaravaradarajan, K.R.
  • 136397 Can Privatization Improve Animal Healthcare Delivery System? An Ex-ante Analysis of Dairy Farmers in Tarai Region of Uttarakhand
    by Pratap, S. & Bardhan, Dwaipayan & Dabas, Y.P.S.
  • 136398 Livestock Economy of Himachal Pradesh: Need to Strengthen Animal Health and Veterinary Services
    by Kumar, Virender & Lal, Harbans & Priyanka
  • 136399 Effectiveness of Institutional Arrangements for Delivery of Potential Fishing Zone and Ocean State Forecast Advisory Services to Fishers in Tamil Nadu
    by Chrispin, C. Lloyd & Ananthan, P.S. & Krishnan, M. & Mahalakshmi, P.
  • 136756 Impact Assessment of Reuters Market Light (RML) in Agricultural Information Dissemination in Punjab
    by Chahal, S.S. & Sidhu, M.S. & Parminder, Kaur
  • 136757 Input Delivery, Processing and Marketing of Natural Rubber: The Role of Producers’ Cooperatives in Kerala
    by Anuja, A.R. & Kar, Amit & Mathur, V.C. & Jha, Girish Kumar
  • 136758 Canal Irrigation Management through Water Users Associations and its Impact on Efficiency, Equity and Reliability in Water Use in Tamil Nadu
    by Arun, G. & Singh, Dharam Raj & Kumar, Shiv & Kumar, Anil
  • 202261 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2012, Volume 25, Issue 2

  • 136382 Dynamics of Farm Labour Use-An Empirical Analysis
    by Devi, P. Indira
  • 136384 Are Supermarket Supply Channels More Efficient than Traditional Market Channels?
    by Aparna, B. & Hanumanthaiah, C.V.
  • 136385 Impact of Watershed Development Programmes on Farm-specific Technical Efficiency: A Study in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh
    by Mondal, Biswajit & Singh, Alka & Jha, Girish Kumar
  • 136386 Impact of Crop Insurance on Rice Farming in Tamil Nadu
    by Varadan, R. Jayakumara & Kumar, Pramod
  • 137351 Welfare Assessment of SPS Standards: An Empirical Study of Indo-US Mango Trade Case
    by Rastogi, Siddhartha K.
  • 137353 Adaptability of Crop Insurance Schemes in Tamil Nadu
    by Mani, K. & Chandrasekaran, M. & Selvanayaki, S.
  • 137357 Effectiveness of Minimum Support Price Policy for Paddy in India with a Case Study of Punjab
    by Ali, Shayequa Z. & Sidhu, R.S. & Vatta, Kamal
  • 137362 Total Factor Productivity and Returns to Public Investment on Agricultural Research in India
    by Chand, Ramesh & Kumar, Praduman & Kumar, Sant
  • 137367 Market Participation Behaviour of Smallholder Dairy Farmers in Uttarakhand: A Disaggregated Analysis
    by Bardhan, Dwaipayan & Sharma, M.L. & Saxena, Raka
  • 137370 Estimation of Demand for Different Fish Groups in Tripura
    by Debnath, Biswajit & Biradar, R.S. & Ananthan, P.S. & Pandey, S.K.
  • 137371 Farmers’ Vulnerability to Rainfall Variability and Technology Adoption in Rain-fed Tank Irrigated Agriculture
    by Ashok, K.R. & Sasikala, C.
  • 137372 Performance of Crop Sector in Gujarat during High Growth Period: Some Explorations
    by Mehta, Niti
  • 137373 Measuring Weather Impact on Crop Yield Using Aridity Index: Evidence from Odisha
    by Paltasingh, Kirtti Ranjan & Goyari, Phanindra & Mishra, R.K.
  • 202262 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2012, Volume 25, Issue 1

  • 126037 Potential Economic Benefits from Adoption of Improved Drought-tolerant Groundnut in India
    by Birthal, Pratap Singh & Nigam, Shyam N. & Narayanan, A.V. & Kareem, K.A.
  • 126038 Are We Over-estimating Irrigation Subsidies in Multipurpose Water Resources Projects in India? — Methodological Issues and Evidence
    by Palanisami, Kuppannan & Malik, R.P.S. & Mohan, Kadiri
  • 126040 Farm Productivity and Rural Poverty in Uttar Pradesh: A Regional Perspective
    by Pandey, Lalmani & Reddy, A. Amarender
  • 126041 Reforming Guar Industry in India: Issues and Strategies
    by Sharma, Purushottam & Gummagolmath, K.C.
  • 126042 Economic Analysis of Bamboo Plantation in Three Major Ravine Systems of India
    by Pande, V.C. & Kurothe, R.S. & Kumar, Gopal & Parandiyal, A.K. & Singh, A.K. & Kumar, Ashok
  • 126043 Changing Energy-use Pattern and the Demand Projection for Indian Agriculture
    by Jha, Girish Kumar & Pal, Suresh & Singh, Alka
  • 126044 Prevailing Standards and Dimensions Governing Sanitary and Phyto-Sanitary Compliance in Indian Black Pepper Supply Chain
    by Aarathi, L.R. & Kumar, Shiv & Negi, Digvijay Singh & Singh, Dharam Raj
  • 126045 Enhancing Water Productivity through On-farm Resource Conservation Technology in Punjab Agriculture
    by Kaur, Baljinder & Singh, Satwinder & Garg, B.R. & Singh, J.M. & Singh, Jasdev
  • 126046 Investigating the Efficiency of Various Marketing Models and Problems of Kinnow Growers of Punjab
    by Mavi, H.K. & Sidhu, R.S. & Sidhu, J.S.
  • 126047 Irrigation, Agriculture, Livelihood and Poverty Linkages in Odisha
    by Ghosh, Souvik & Verma, H.C. & Panda, D.K. & Nanda, P. & Kumar, A. Ganesh
  • 126048 Labour Deployment and Wage Distribution in Ring Seine Fishery of Central Kerala
    by Dhiju, Das P.H. & Gopal, Nikita & Edwin, Leela
  • 126049 Rural Livelihood Diversification in West Bengal: Determinants and Constraints
    by Khatun, Dilruba & Roy, B.C.
  • 126050 Progress and Performance of Kisan Credit Card Scheme with a Case Study of Bihar
    by Bista, Diwas Raj & Kumar, Pramod & Mathur, V.C.
  • 126088 Transport Biofuel Production, Trade-offs, and Promotion Policies in Canada — A Review
    by Bhullar, A.S. & Deo, Balbinder & Sachdeva, Jatinder
  • 126089 Impact of MGNREGS on Labour Supply to Agricultural Sector of Wayanad District in Kerala
    by Thadathil, Merin S. & Mohandas, Vineeth
  • 126090 Economic Analysis of Producers’ Perceptions about Impact of Climate Change on Fisheries in West Bengal
    by Roy, Tuhin Narayan
  • 126091 Efficiency, Yield Gap and Constraints Analysis in Irrigated vis-a-vis Rainfed Sugarcane in North Coastal Zone of Andhra Pradesh
    by Rao, I.V.Y. Rama
  • 126092 Economics of Production to Marketing of Aromatic Crops in Uttar Pradesh: A Case Study
    by Suresh, Ram & Kumar, Sanjay & Singh, Virendra & Pravesh, Ram & Tomar, V.K.S. & Singh, A.K.
  • 202259 Table of Contents
    by Anonymous

2011, Volume 24, Issue 2

  • 118226 Impacts of CGIAR Crop Improvement and Natural Resource Management Research: A Review of Evidence
    by Pal, Suresh
  • 118227 Technical Efficiency of Resource-Conserving Technologies in Rice -Wheat Systems: The Case of Bihar and Eastern Uttar Pradesh in India
    by Dung, Khong Tien & Sumalde, Zenaida M. & Pede, Valerien O. & McKinley, Justin D. & Garcia, Yolanda T. & Bello, Amelia L.
  • 118228 Convergence Hypothesis: Some Dynamics and Explanations of Agricultural Growth across Indian States
    by Somasekharan, Jayasekhar & Prasad, Syam & Roy, V.P. Nirmal
  • 118229 Cost Effectiveness of Rainwater Harvesting for Groundwater Recharge in Micro-Watersheds of Kolar District of India: The Case Study of Thotli Micro-Watershed
    by Nagaraj, N. & Pradhani, Umesh & Chengappa, P.G. & Basavaraj, G. & Kanwar, Ramesh S.
  • 118230 Role of Watershed Management in Bridging Demand – Supply Gap of Fodder for Enhancing Livestock Production in Shivaliks, Haryana
    by Arya, Swarn Lata & Panwar, Pankaj & Yadav, R.P
  • 118231 Institutional and Economic Dynamics of Water Users Cooperative (WUC) Societies in Cauvery Basin of Karnataka
    by Rohith, B.K. & Chandrakanth, Mysore G.
  • 118232 Smallholder Dairy Farmers’ Access to Modern Milk Marketing Chains in India
    by Kumar, Anjani & Staal, Steven J. & Singh, Dhiraj Kumar
  • 118233 Trends, Determinants and Constraints of Temporary Sheep Migration in Rajasthan — An Economic Analysis
    by Suresh, A. & Gupta, D.C. & Mann, J.S.
  • 119379 Marketing Efficiency of Green Peas under Different Supply Chains in Punjab
    by Sidhu, R.S. & Sidhu, M.S. & Singh, J.M.
  • 119380 Economic Viability of Organic Farming: An Empirical Experience of Wheat Cultivation in Punjab
    by Singh, Inder Pal & Grover, D.K.
  • 119381 Economic Appraisal of Kinnow Production and its Marketing under North-Western Himalayan Region of Jammu
    by Bhat, Anil R.S. & Kachroo, Jyoti & Kachroo, Dileep
  • 119382 Impact of Groundwater Over-draft on Farm Income and Efficiency in Crop Production
    by Sharif, Mahin & Ashok, K.R.
  • 119383 Impact of Globalization on Production and Export of Turmeric in India – An Economic Analysis
    by Angles, S. & Sundar, A. & Chinnadurai, M.
  • 119384 Economic Analysis of Post-harvest Losses in Marketing of Vegetables in Uttarakhand
    by Sharma, Gaurav & Singh, S.P.
  • 119385 Production Performance and Economic Appraisal of Broiler Farms in Anand District of Gujarat
    by Shaikh, A.S. & Zala, Y.C.


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